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About Sheila


Sheila Eggert, CPC, NIE Practitioner 

Transformation Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author

I’m So Glad You’re Here. You’ve Taken Taken A Step Towards The New Outcomes You Want In Your Life.
My Guess Is That This Isn’t The First Time You’ve Explored Personal Transformation.
But You’ve Been Successful Playing By The Rules And You’re Not Sure How To Change Without Losing That Success.
I’m Here To Shine The Light On What’s Blocking You From Living The Life You Know You Were Born To Live And Show You How To Live A Life That Feels As Good On The Inside As It Looks On The Outside



Sheila Eggert

Coach & Leader

With over 35 years of coaching leaders at Fortune 500 companies, combined with intensive study of neuroscience backed transformation practices, Sheila has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create real transformation.

She uses her sense of humor, empathy and vulnerability, combined with her New York straight talk to guide clients to life changing results.

Sheila knows what it takes to transform your life. She had a successful career, husband, family, and all the external trappings of success. Everything looked great on the outside, but she was exhausted by trying to trying to be perfect in all areas of her life.

She has created an extraordinary life and is dedicated to showing others how to do the same. She is a certified professional coach and a Certified Neuro-Identity Evolution™ Methodology Practitioner.


Mindset & Passion

“When I stopped filling every moment of my day with activity and got quiet, I discovered a different way of living. I have figured out the “how” behind the “change your mind, change your life” hype.”

She uses these same practices used by professional athletes and CEOs to achieve outstanding results.

”Everything I teach my clients has been personally tested by me. I’ve used them to leave unhealthy relationships, move my life across the country and navigate a breast cancer journey with grace, experiencing spiritual growth (and even joy)! My passion is supporting other women in their journey from stress and overwhelm to the kind of success that feels aligned, easy and fun.”

I live on the beach in southern California with my cheeky little dachshund, surrounded by friends, family and sunshine. I enjoy being outside most days, walking on the beach, hiking and exploring my new city. I cannot wait to meet you!

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