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Transformation Coach | TEDx Speaker | Author

Unlock your potential and Live a life that feels as amazing as it looks.

Are you ready to create your next level of holistic success?

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Sheila Eggert

With over 35 years of experience coaching leaders at Fortune 500 companies and expertise in neuroscience-backed transformation practices, Sheila combines humor, empathy, and straightforward New York talk to achieve life-changing results. Her personal journey from a seemingly perfect life to authentic joy fuels her passion for helping others. As a certified professional coach and Neuro-Identity Evolution™ methodology practitioner, she supports women in transitioning from stress to effortless success. Living in Southern California, Sheila enjoys the beach, hiking, and exploring her city. She can't wait to meet you and guide you on your journey.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

You’re living the life with the success you always dreamed of, but that success doesn’t feel as good as you thought it would.


You’re ready to do what it takes to create the life you know is out there for you.

Work With Me

You’ve been successful playing by the rules, but you can’t shake that feeling that there’s something more out there for you. Does that next level of success you know is out there for you feel just out of reach? I’m here to introduce you to a new model of holistic success with grace and ease. I know how it feels to experience everything you thought you wanted and realize that your “amazing” life doesn’t feel as good as you thought it would.

I’ve been there, and what I discovered when I went searching for answers changed my life. Now, I’m determined to help you experience the same sense of freedom, joy and holistic success.

My experience with Sheila has been transformative. I began working with her to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for a major life event, and had a short term goal I wanted to reach. I quickly realized how impactful the work we were doing was on every facet of my life, and elected to continue working with her after the event. Sheila has done wonders in helping me develop a daily routine to regulate my nervous system, align with my desires and goals, and has transformed how I feel about the world. I feel more connected to myself and my purpose than I ever have. Working with Sheila will change your life!

Jacqlyn S.

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